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NINJA SLAYER “忍殺” T-Shirt II Another Color


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Item NameNINJA SLAYER “忍殺” T-Shirt II Another Color
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Original T-shirts made of a cotton-polyester blend, reflecting the image of a “Ninja Slayer.”
※Product sold at Comic Market 88

Ninja Slayer Original T-Shirt
The cotton-polyester made T-shirt is designed so when it is worn as a ninja mask, the section covering the face reads “ninja slayer” in Japanese! Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes.

XS [160]: Length: 63cm Width: 46cm Sleeve Length: 18cm
S: Length: 66cm Width: 49cm Sleeve Length: 19cm
M: Length: 70cm Width: 52cm Sleeve Length: 20cm
L: Length: 74cm Width: 55cm Sleeve Length: 22cm
XL: Length: 78cm Width: 58cm Sleeve Length: 24cm

You can become a ninja with this!!
How to wear the ninja headdress?!

1:Prepare the T-shirt.

2:Flip it inside out so that the lining is facing out.

3:Pull the T-shirt over your head through the collar with the tag facing downwards.

4:Tie the sleeves behind your head...

5:Tie them real tight with a knot.

6:It looks like this from the back.

7:Now you already look much like a ninja but too much of your face is exposed so it doesn't feel stealthy enough.

8:Adjust the top portion so that it covers all the way till the bottom of your eyebrows.

9:Pull the bottom portion up all the way to your nose...

10:Roll the tag inwards and upwards about twice. Both the tag and your mouth will be covered.

11:Pull up the cloth around your cheeks so that only your eyes are exposed. Done!

12: Wasshoi!

[Amazing novel! Delightful deployment! Total 300,000 copies! The novel of Ninja whose identity is unknown.]

Company employee, Kenji Fujikido whose wife and children were killed in the Ninja conflict.
At that moment when he himself was on the brink of death, he was possessed by the myterious Ninja Seoul.
Having reclaimed his life, Fujikido became a "NINJA SLAYER" and dedicated himself to fighting the battle of revenge.
And, finally overthrew the boss of nemesis raketeers, Raomoto Kang.
At that moment when he thought that he had achieved the revenge of long-standing, the new Ninja organization, the Conglomerate Shadow Guild, appeared in front of him.
The mortal combat of NINJA SLAYER is not over yet.

The translation of "NINJA SLAYER" has started to be serialized on Twitter, as the translation team had acquired the rights to do so from the authors of the original work.(https://twitter.com/NJSLYR)
We have acquired a lot of fans on Twitter in the twinkling of an eye. Already, when they are following up on the updates of "NINJA SLAYER" on Twitter, they are entering "NINJA SLAYER Words" in rapid succession, creating a new trend on Twitter.
Along with the publication of its book, addicts are bound to increase!
The spark on Twitter promises to flare up into a blaze.

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