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Item NameODIN SPHERE LEIFTHRASIR Original Soundtrack
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【Product introduction】
Original soundtrack including the music from “ODIN SPHERE LEIFTHRASIR”!

We have recorded on a set of 2 CDs all 28 songs with the arranged version for this soundtrack, added to the new music that enhances the replay of the story.

The booklet offers the comments on the respective composers of these songs.

The glittering jacket is the work of Vanillaware.

■ Tracklist: All 28 songs on a set of 2 CDs

■ Tracklist:
D1-01 Opening Title -Leifthrasir ver.-
D1-02 Battlefields of Raging Storm
D1-03 Forest of Elrit
D1-04 Winterhorn Ridge
D1-05 Nebulapolis: Metropolis of the King
D1-06 Volkenon Lava Pit
D1-07 Forest Kingdom of Ringford
D1-08 Endelphia: Land of Death
D1-09 Back Alley in Titania
D1-10 Endelphia: Land of Death - Final Chapter
D1-11 Battle in the Netherworld - Final Chapter
D1-12 Back Alley in Titania - Final Chapter
D1-13 Battle in the Twisting Streets - Final Chapter
D1-14 Text Archive
D2-01 Battlefields of Raging Storm - Final Chapter
D2-02 Storming Battlefields - Final Chapter
D2-03 Maury's Touring Restaurant
D2-04 Volkenon Lava Pit - Final Chapter
D2-05 Battle in the Land of Fire - Final Chapter
D2-06 Pain Behind the Bravery
D2-07 Nebulapolis: Metropolis of the King - Final Chapter
D2-08 Battle in Ragnanival - Final Chapter
D2-09 ODIN SPHERE's Theme -Shanachie New Arrange ver.-
D2-10 Melody of Mourning -Arrange ver.-
D2-11 A Fate Accepted -Arrange ver.-
D2-12 Rise and Invasion -Arrange ver.-
D2-13 Forest of Elrit -Arrange ver.-
D2-14 Battle in Ringford - Second Movement -Arrange ver.-

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